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"Secular Stagnation or Self-Inflicted Malaise?"

09/27/2016 What looks like Secular Stagnation may in fact be a self-inflicted malaise. Read more

"Saving Freedom of Movement in Europe"

07/29/2016 According to a YouGov opinion poll conducted on the day of the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union, migration was the single most important issue for “Leave” supporters, second only to a general preference for independence Read more

"Britain Has Not Voted Against Europe, But Against the Brussels Rent-Seeking Establishment Led by an Increasingly Autocratic Elite"

06/24/2016 Hans-Werner Sinns Statement on the Brexit. Read more

"Brexit: The Unintended Consequences. A Symposium of Views"

06/02/2016 The European Union would do what it could to squeeze British financial services out of the Continent. Read more

Hans-Werner Sinn: Buffering Volatility: A Study on the Limits of Germany's Energy Revolution

06/20/2016 CESifo Working Paper No. 5950, June 2016. Click here to read the full text

"Hans-Werner Sinn to "N": Τhe agreement between Greece and its creditors will lead to a new "debt spiral"

06/01/2016 Hans-Werner Sinn continues to maintain that Greece’s temporary exit from the euro zone, in tandem with a debt “haircut”, is unavoidable for the country. Read more

"Twin Tests for the EU"

05/27/2016 June is shaping up to be a fateful month for the European Union. Read more

"Hans-Werner Sinn over de groene paradox" (Hans-Werner Sinn about the green paradox)

05/02/2016 An interview with Hans-Werner Sinn while he was guest speaker at the Conference "Combating Climate Change" at the Tinbergen Institute. Click here to see the video

Press Release: "Sinn’s Last Week at Work Begins"

03/29/2016 Hans-Werner Sinn has begun his last week at work as President of the Ifo Institute. Read more

"Europe’s Emerging Bubbles"

03/28/2016 The European Central Bank’s latest policy moves have shocked many observers. While the goal – to prevent deflation and spur growth – is clear, the policies themselves are setting the stage for severe instability. Read more

“Why Europe Could Benefit from a Common Army”

02/27/2016 Euro bail-outs and the flood of refugees have plunged the EU into an existential crisis. Setting up a common defence community could help it to recover. Read more

Report on the European Economy 2016: What Next?

02/22/2016 The Report by the European Economic Advisory Group (EEAG) at CESifo analyses four topical issues: intergenerational fairness, developments in secondary education, the apparent success of Denmark, and developments in the Western Balkans. Details

“Immigration into the Welfare State”

01/26/2016 The armed conflict destabilizing some Arab countries has unleashed a huge wave of refugees headed for Europe. About 1.1 million came to Germany alone in 2015. Read more

“Non tacemus”

01/18/2016 In his article "Si tacuissent" Martin Hellwig criticises the arguments put forward by Fuest and Sinn concerning their assessment of ELA credit and the ECB's potential violation of its madate. Read about Sinn and Fuest's reactions here. Details

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