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The End of ECB Restraint

07/30/2019 Outgoing European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has indicated that the bank is planning a new round of aggressive monetary stimulus. Such measures will most likely have negative economic consequences ... Read more

Energy Beyond Future – Can Business Save the World?

07/02/2019 Green politics rise across western society, and so do scientific concerns on whether those energy policies are effective or not. While the world is captured in a dispute, one crucial question remains: Is there any way around a potential disaster? Read more

Central Bank Independence is no Protection against Abuse

07/01/2019 Latest Contribution by Hans-Werner Sinn in "The International Economy" Read more

Germany’s Dangerously Flawed Energy Policies

05/24/2019 Germany has made a noble effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and replace conventional energy sources with wind and solar power. But now it is time to face reality. Read more

Let the People Decide on Brexit

03/26/2019 Given the narrow majority for leaving the European Union back then, and the impasse at which UK institutions find themselves now, holding a new referendum is both appropriate and necessary. Read more

The meaning of Brexit for Europe

03/04/2019 Public Lecture by Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Cambridge Judge Business School Watch the video

Banking Regulation Does not Make Target Credits Safe

02/27/2019 Target Debate: Clemens Fuest and Hans-Werner Sinn respond to Jan Krahnen's criticism. A guest commentary Read more

From a No-Deal Brexit to a No Brexit Deal

01/30/2019 By addressing Britain's longstanding concerns over intra-EU migration and its attendant costs, the EU could both set the stage for a reversal of Brexit and shore up its own long-term stability. Read more

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