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“Buffering Volatility: A Study on the Limits of Germany's Energy Revolution”

06/13/2017 Based on German hourly feed-in and consumption data for electric power, this paper studies the storage and buffering needs resulting from the volatility of wind and solar energy. Read more

“What Marx Means Today”

05/01/2017 This article argues that part of the new stagnation does not result from a natural exhaustion of investment possibilities, but from an overly loose central bank monetary policy that keeps zombie banks and their zombie clients alive and blocks the emergenc Read more

“How Macron Can Unite Europe”

05/23/2017 Creating a fiscal union without a political union would forever block the road to European unification. Read more

“A two-speed post-Brexit Europe is best avoided”

04/16/2017 EU member states should focus on striking a free-trade deal with Britain. Read more

“Why the EU Must Be Generous to Britain”

01/31/2017 British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed it. The United Kingdom will, without a doubt, leave the European Union and negotiate new trade agreements. The question is what kind of agreement the EU will accept. Read more

“Europe’s Secret Bailout”

11/28/2016 While the world worries about Donald Trump, Brexit, and the flow of refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries, the European Central Bank continues to work persistently and below the public radar on its debt-restructuring plan. Read more

“President Trump’s Necessary German Lessons”

03/30/2017 US President Donald Trump has criticized Germany’s enormous current-account surplus, which he considers the result of German currency manipulation. But the president is wrong. Read more

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