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Where are we on fears for Euro Breakup

11/19/2018 Danae Kyriakopoulou, chief economist at OMFIF, is joined by Hans-Werner Sinn to discuss the euro area's macroeconomic outlook. They also look at financial imbalances between core and periphery economies, political polarisation and the EMU reform agenda. Listen to Podcast

Target Risks without Euro Exits

12/20/2018 ifo Institute Warns of Target Overdraft Risks in the Eurozone and Calls for Limits Read more

Europe Finally Pulls the Trigger on a Military Force

11/21/2018 After two years of US President Donald Trump treating European allies as if they were adversaries, France and Germany have finally committed to the creation of an EU-wide army under a central command. Read more

“Reaganomics Redux and the Global Economy”

09/25/2018 It has been less than a year since US President D. Trump and congressional Republicans enacted a massive tax cut, following in the footsteps of former President R. Reagan. And, as was true in the 1980s, fiscal stimulus in the US is being felt worldwide. Read more

„Twilight of the Euro?“

07/30/2018 20 years of the Euro: one decade party, one decade hangover, and now? Read more

“Europa is een doodlopende weg ingeslagen”

06/23/2018 Interview (Dutch) with Elsevier Weekblad about the Italian crisis, American economists and a European transfer union. Read more

“Should Merkel embrace Macron's vision for Eurozone reform?”

06/27/2018 Financial Times: Two experts, Isabelle Mateos y Lago and Hans-Werner Sinn, debate the future of the European single currency bloc. Read more

“The Perils of European Deposit Insurance”

05/25/2018 The European Commission and the European Central Bank are wrong to advocate a Europe-wide deposit insurance scheme. While some form of deposit insurance is not a bad idea, a one-size-fits-all state-provided solution would do more harm than good. Read more

“Europe Should Not Retaliate Against US Protectionism”

03/23/2018 In response to President Trump's protectionism policies, the EU should pursue a de-escalation strategy – one that frees its own citizens from the yoke of European agricultural protectionism. Read more

“Brexit could cost Germany dearly”

03/13/2018 In an interview for DW, one of Germany's leading economists, Hans-Werner Sinn, said Brussels was heading down the wrong path with regard to Brexit, and that Donald Trump had a point in the trade dispute with the EU. Watch the video

“How to fight climate change: economic and technical challenges”

03/08/2018 Video recording of the public lecture held by Professor Hans-Werner Sinn at London School of Economics. Introduced and chaired by Robert Falkner. Watch the video

“The Road to a European Transfer Union”

01/29/2018 Since the 2008 global financial crisis, European policymakers have consistently relied on Northern European countries to foot the bill for the rest of the eurozone. But what will happen in the coming decades when the coffers run dry? Read more

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