Working Papers

What Marx Means Today, CESifo Working Paper Nr. 6463, Mai 2017.

Buffering Volatility: A Study on the Limits of Germany's Energy RevolutionCESifo Working Paper Nr. 5950, Juni 2016.

„Target Balances and the German Financial Account in Light of the European Balance-of-Payments Crisis" (zusammen mit Timo Wollmershäuser), CESifo Working Paper No. 4051, 2012 (Download, 488 KB).

„The Fossile Episode“ (zusammen mit John Hassler), CESifo Working Paper No. 4016, 2012(Download, 532 KB).

„Pareto Optimality in the Extraction of Fossil Fuels and the Greenhouse Effect: A Note“,CESifo Working Paper Nr. 2083, 2007 (Download, 279 KB), NBER Working Paper Nr. 13453, 2007.

„The Minimum Inflation Rate for Euroland“ (zusammen mit M. Reutter), CESifo Working Paper Nr. 377, 2000 (Download, 145 KB)NBER Working Paper Nr. 8085, 2001.

„Participation, Capitalization and Privatization, Report on Bolivia's Current Political Privatization Debate“ (zusammen mit Gerlinde Sinn), CESifo Working Paper Nr. 49, 1993 (Download, 3.6 MB).